Totems for in-store event

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Totems for exhibition or in-store

Free-standing totems

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Material for in-store, event or exhibition

Free standing 2stand display that don´t fall

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Visual impact with a portal

Standard 2stand + holders and beam

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100% Green Point-of-Sale Display

Rectangular printed cover, four hooks and A5 brochure holder

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High sales in a small space
Display and Shop-In-Shop systems for in-store, exhibition and public areas.

x2nordic developed first x2display, a modular system that we could easily change the message on. x2display was launched as a semi-permanent display and is made of aluminum, wood and plastic.

By packaging x2display in smart, flat packages our international customers began calling x2nordic “IKEA for exhibition industry”.

Soon there was also a wish for a simpler campaign tool. We looked at what was on the market and what the customers wanted. There were already a number of solutions in the form of free- standing ellipses on the market, but many customers found them unstable.

Inventor Jan Bergland began to consider using new material combinations with so-called shell constructions to find a solution for a self-standing ellipse that wasn’t unstable. By combining parts from the x2display with his ideas he came up with 2stand.

2stand has since evolved and exists today as a display with light inside, 2stand Luna, and a display that can carry products, 2stand Vendere.

Many brands use the systems as Shop-In-Shop displays to promote products. (A brand product exposure within a limited area in a shop). 2stand Vendere is one system that use very little floor space and can carry many products. This gives us our punch line -”High sales in a small space

Production and environment:

All x2nordics systems are sold as semi-finished products, without print, to the printers. So the printers themselves are able to serve the local market.

The development and production takes place in Europe. Most of the materials we use for our products are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-approved.


Over the years we have noticed that our customers have different needs. We customize our products so that customers can maximize their business benefits.

X2nordic is committed to your success.

Patents and trademarks:

x2nordic holds several patents and patent applications for its various solutions and systems. 2stand is a registered trademark

Environmental Friendly
Re-cycle and re-use

All raw material to a 2stand is FSC approved and from the forrest. Wooden foot, corrugated pillar and high quality carton on the outside.

The display can be mounted and un-mounted many times. When a new graphics should be used just replace the outer cover. Throw the old one in paper re-cycling.


High sales in a small space – Shop-In-Shop

2stand is a green portable display that can be used many times. The wooden foot gives high stability.

x2display is a semi-permanent system normally used in-store to expose brands outside the standard interior.


Standard systems reduce business risks.

All our system are pre-fabricated. To make it easy for you. Just add ink (for x2display also panel material), pack and system is ready to ship to customer !


Our systems are developed under strong logistic influence. Components are shipped to you flat-packed on pallets. After production you pack and ship the systems to your customers also flat-packed.

Ease to print
Product Readyness after print
Customer Satisfaction
Instructions and templates for the artwork.


Time To Start Our Partnership

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But we also have two logistic centres , one in Göteborg/Gothenburg and one in Gnosjö.
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